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Skin lines, or linear depressions in the skin, can arise not only because of aging, but also as a result of an inadequate lifestyle, hormonal disorders or excessive facial expressions. They are caused by reduced skin density. The first lines appear as early as around the age of 25. The most common are expression lines, which result from the dynamics of specific muscles. These primarily include wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. A good way to mitigate the problem of dynamic wrinkles will be the use of botulinum toxin. Static wrinkles and creases start to become visible over the age of 30 and deteriorate over time. They result from the tearing of the delicate structure of collagen and elastin fibers and drying out of the epidermis. The most typical of them is the nasolabial line, which can be made less visible with the use of e.g. lifting and autologous threads, or needle shaping procedure. Post-sun exposure wrinkles resulting from excessive exposure to the sun can be treated with a non-ablative thulium laser or BBL phototherapy. Fixed wrinkles and lines can be filled with hyaluronic acid. Chemical peels, microneedling and needle mesotherapy, tissue stimulators, laser therapy and multi-wave, all of which affect the condition of the skin, will also be helpful. 





Over the age of 25, the production of collagen fibers and elastin, which are the skin's natural scaffolding, is decreasing. The reduced skin tone and weakening of its structures lead to the skin laxity. Therefore, it is advisable to use treatments that affect the production of structural skin proteins like needle mesotherapy, tissue stimulators, multiwave, non-invasive lifting with autologous threads, microneedling, photo and laser therapy. The use of lifting threads, which mechanically lift and tighten tissues, will also bring satisfactory results. 




There are various causes of skin dryness. In each case, however, they lead to the impairment of the stratum corneum, with the disturbance of its water binding and retaining function. Sebaceous glands producing insufficient amounts of sebum that protects the skin from excessive water loss and the deteriorating production of hyaluronic acid, which is key to skin hydration, can also be a problem. Treatments that will work for dry skin include needle mesotherapy, Hydrafacial, skin care treatments and proper home care. 





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